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Audio Theatre  

  CTM Players is a performing arts outreach specializing in the use audio theatre as an evangelism and outreach tool. The team, which has been ministering in a prison environment since 1999, produces two scripts per year for presentation in Delaware prisons and local church venues.

Most of the team's scripts are written and directed by Diane Cook. Diane is an award-winning audio-theatre playwright.

Coming Home tells the story of a young woman who faces incredible resistance during her first hours out of prison. She must use every tool in her spiritual arsenal to hang onto the faith that kept her going behind the wall. But it seems harder now. Is it too hard?
Temptation Alley is a traditional sketch that tells the story of a woman who has just left prison. In the midst of temptation, she learns that she does not carry Jesus in her pocket. Through the process, she discovers a previously untapped power she possesses to resist temptation and to cause evil to flee.
God Talk speaks of faith behind the walls. Shortly after an inmate receives Christ, he cant seem to get concern for his wife out of his head. So he starts praying. God Talk demonstrates the powerful results of that inmate's prayer. After the performances, multiple inmates would approach our team members and say, "that's me. That's just where I am." or "Now I know what to do."
The Group is a modern adaptation of the Syrophoenician (Greek) woman who begged Jesus to deliver her daughter from demon possession. In this short adaptation, the woman is in a group therapy session where she is to share her remarkable story. Scripture source is Mark 7:24-30 and Matthew 15:21-28.
No Returns is the story of a woman who learns that her anticipated support system is no longer there when she gets out of prison. A plot is under way to pull her back into the lifestyle that put her into prison in the first place. But this time she is armed with a deep faith and a heart to follow God.
Mount Hope Saga is an episodic tale of a church that must overcome many obstacles from within to help an inmate transition from an institutional life in prison to a life of wholesome choices that lead to freedom, both physical and spiritual.
Voice of Truth * Winter 2009 program. Details later.  
Night Train To Jordan *  performed in 2010  
Kingdom Court * winter 2011  
The Elevator * 2009  

Go Light Your World: While this is not an audio theatre piece, it is a signature mime that the team has used to close every performance since 1999. It is an unction for us all -- to Go Light Your World.

To book CTM Players for your Delaware-region church or event, contact Diane Cook at 302-734-0572 or email dcookwrites@cookworkshop.com