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Our Mission  It is our mission to worship and glorify our Lord Jesus Christ through the arts while encouraging others to to the same.
Our Vision God has gifted us with artistic talent to be used to for expanding His Kingdom here on earth. Our vision is to (1) operate in the fullness of His gifting and His calling on our lives; (2) to create an environment in which Christian artists can fellowship and minister one to another; and (3) to create networking opportunities which will assist Christian artists in taking their art to the next level. Along with other arts-based ministries, we will:
Audio Theatre  expand the use of audio theatre as a Christian witnessing tool through traditional radio, Internet venues, MP3 downloads, CDs, tapes and in live performance.
Through training and performance, we will promote excellence in audio theatre with traditional family values as its cornerstone.
We will become a repository for well-written audio theatre scripts for both inreach and outreach.
Paper Crafting  develop Christian programs and platforms for developing scrapbooking and cardmaking programs and make ourselves available to teach others to do the same. Our programs will be designed to  help others grow in self-awareness, in their relationship with Christ, and to adopt a healthy Christian lifestyle.
We will host Christ-centered training and social events designed to encourage and promote Christian legacy building and cardmaking outreach for area churches and ministries.
We will become a repository for well-executed papercrafting resources for both inreach and outreach.
Our Board of Directors
Diane Diane Cook President dcookwrites@cookworkshop.com
Melissa Melissa Fulgham Secretary
David David Cook Treasurer david.cook@cookworkshop.com
Word Warrior Ministries, Inc. is a Delaware corporation with a 501(c)3, nonprofit organization designation. The ministry offices are located at 4102 Pearsons Corner Road, Dover, DE 19904

Phone: (302) 734-0572 *  Email: dcookwrites@cookworkshop.com

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